BookingBnb supports multiple Pricing Plans for each property, also known as Rates.

There are two kinds of plans: Base and Derivative:

  • Base rates depend on the kind of unit and the season. All the periods related to a season inherit a base rate.
  • The Derivative rates, as the name suggests, derive from the base rates applying a discount percentage. What is really important to understand about derivative rates, is that you can set start and end dates that can cover different periods. Derivative rates are also known as Offers.

BookingBnb also supports Coupons. They are discount codes that guests can use to save their money when booking. Coupons have a validity time range, can be applied only to a kind of room and have a related cancellation condition.

Unless you list breakfast in the amenities, your base rate doesn't include any meal. In order to provide breakfast with a fee, you must declare it as a board.
The BookingBnb system supports 3 possible Boards:

  • Breakfast
  • Half Board
  • Full Board

Different boards can be set for each kind of unit and each period.